Will Clinics Give You A Doctors Note For School?

If you are tired of your daily routine, and you want a break from it then the best way is to get a doctor’s note for school. This is one of the most used ways to skip school for few days and that is why you would easily be able to find the perfect note for yourself.

Which clinic to choose?

Till now most of you would be familiar with the medical clinics in your locality, but there is another kind of clinic which is present. They are called online clinics. You can either contact them or the physical clinics for the fake note job and they’ll be happy to help you.

Many schools have a system that if you are absent for more than a given number of days you will have to submit a doctor’s note for the same, but they fail to understand that there are plenty of other reasons too, when a student might take a leave except from being sick. You can acquire a note from a physical clinic or you can get it from an online clinic. To help you out, a few guidelines mentioned below would assist you in creating a fake but authentic note for yourself-


  • Name and address- When you are writing a doctor’s note then it is a must that you use realistic names, qualifications, address, contact details so that the reader does not doubt it even for a second.
  • Check your reason- Because you are a school student, you cannot get a report from a cancer doctor for a two day leave. So keeping in mind all these technicalities, select the disease or illness according to the number of days of absentee.
  • Check your source- Since you are getting the template from the internet it is necessary to check the source otherwise you may get cheated and there is no way you can recover from it.
  • Put in a watermark- To make the medical certificate look realistic, you can introduce a watermark in the backdrop and then get it printed on a high quality paper.

After understanding the intricacies, you can now form any kind of doctor’s note for school. You can easily get the note from a clinic or any online website. But there is one trick, if you are getting your note from a physical clinic. If you tell them the reason why you want a note, they will give it to you no doubt, but most probably on a cheap quality paper without much attention to the details. So, a better option would be to avail a website and get the desired medical certificate without any hassle, and that too it’s free of cost.

Finally you’ll have to decide which path to go down after weighing out the resources at hand and the technique you are more comfortable with. If you are getting a doctor note for the first time then the best way is that you check out both of them, so that there is no confusion left and for future use you will remember the perfect choice. Voila! Now you are all ready to bunk school with a doctor note in hand.

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