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Doctor Note Templates: Will Fake Ones Work?

Many people do a common mistake at their work places. They take an unplanned day off from work and next day submit a sick note. Many times the note is a fake one and obtained either from family doctor by giving extra money or it is forged. It is a very routine practice all over the world to compensate for an emergency day off taken without prior leave approval. In the era of internet it has been very easy to obtain such fake doctor note templates. (A great site for this is

Where to get such fake notes?

Internet is a solution to all the problems in this modern world. You can get virtually anything on internet either free or paid. You can search for fake doctor notes for a day or two off, taken from office. Few websites offer free downloading of such templates while others charge few dollars. The fake notes look exactly similar to the original ones and can be submitted in the office. They have all required content in precise manner along with doctor’s signature which reflects real letter.

Do they really work?

Answer to this question is yes, but to some extent, and it depends on from where you get the fake letter. If you download it from free sites then there are few loopholes. First thing is that the creators of free templates do not pay attention on minor details of the note which may lead to disapproval and you might find yourself in employment office the next day. The human resource personnel have a bird eye and can find even small mistake in your documents.

1Another thing is that these templates are very common as they are available freely and it is possible that your co-worker has already submitted same copy in the office. In that scenario both you and he will be in critical situation if get caught. To avoid such scenarios, one should not opt for free doctor excuse notes.

However if you get a paid sick note online, you can ensure that it will get accepted. Such notes are created carefully by keeping your requirements in mind. They are indistinguishable from real ones as they use same quality paper, real logos, doctor name and address etc. It is difficult for human resource workers of your office to find out whether it is a real one or fake. Thus it gets approved. Only negative point in this case is that it is not legal. But considering your emergency and need of leave, it is completely fine to use such fake doctor note templates once or twice.

The paid letters are carefully written to avoid grammar mistakes as well as they use authentic medical language to make the letter believable. Thus if you get a proper template for doctor note by paying small amount, it will work for sure. So, in future if you want to take a day of for unavoidable function at your home you can go on net and search for such templates and make use of them.

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