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Don’t Make Stupid Mistakes When You Call In Sick

Regular routine of going to office on time and back leads to a monotonous cycle and at times it gets frustrating. In such cases, you generally call in and inform the authorities that you are not feeling well and would like to take a sick leave.

In order to make the authorities believe that you are actually sick and not faking it, you must be very careful with your act and reasoning. When you are lying, you generally end up making a mistake or two, which makes your lie clear. So there are few points you must avoid when you are taking a leave unnecessarily.

Common mistakes made by people

Few of the common mistakes people generally end up making which must be avoided are-


  1. Calling in sick on an important day- A busy day or when an important meeting is to be held are some of the days when you should be careful when taking a day off. Make sure you pre-plan that your “sick-day” doesn’t coincide with an important day.
  1. Know your illness- Make sure you know about the illness you choose as an excuse. A migraine or a cold are some among the easy excuses. Don’t pick something that is hugely complicated to describe. You will only get yourself in trouble explaining it.
  1. Choose smartly- Do not pick an illness that takes days to recover. If you call in sick of “food poisoning” on a Tuesday and show up perfectly fine the next day, you might get in trouble.
  1. Do not be overly obvious about your sickness- If you overdo something, your coworkers or your boss may smell something fishy. Keep your act subtle. If someone asks you how you are when you cough, tell them “I’m fine, really” or “I’m just a little tired today”

Don’t jump in on those party invitations/lunches/happy hours. Turn down the invite and simply mention that you are not feeling up to it. This will make sure that your coworkers believe that there might in fact be something wrong with you physically.

General Guidelines to keep in mind

Act a little sick the day before. Cough once in a while, or mention casually at lunch that you don’t have an appetite. If you instead work harder than ever one day and call in sick the next, suspicion may arise.

  • Common acts of sickness include having a headache. Holding your hands to your head will always help, regardless of what you say your sickness is. Coughing/sneezing once in a while and/or holding your hand to your stomach like it hurts can make your performance stand out a bit.

Rehearse conversations you might have with other people. Knowing your disease inside out can help you with this. You wouldn’t want to go stuttering when someone asks you “Is that really common this time of the year?”

If you are really serious about making this a serious issue, make sure you write down important aspects about the disease/the medicine you are supposed to be taking. As always, do not out perform yourself. You don’t want someone telling you “Wow. You almost sound like a doctor”. If you do it correctly, then you can easily cover up for your fake sick leave without ever being caught or arising suspicion.