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Doctor Note Templates: Will Fake Ones Work?

Many people do a common mistake at their work places. They take an unplanned day off from work and next day submit a sick note. Many times the note is a fake one and obtained either from family doctor by giving extra money or it is forged. It is a very routine practice all over the world to compensate for an emergency day off taken without prior leave approval. In the era of internet it has been very easy to obtain such fake doctor note templates. (A great site for this is doctorexcuse.org)

Where to get such fake notes?

Internet is a solution to all the problems in this modern world. You can get virtually anything on internet either free or paid. You can search for fake doctor notes for a day or two off, taken from office. Few websites offer free downloading of such templates while others charge few dollars. The fake notes look exactly similar to the original ones and can be submitted in the office. They have all required content in precise manner along with doctor’s signature which reflects real letter.

Do they really work?

Answer to this question is yes, but to some extent, and it depends on from where you get the fake letter. If you download it from free sites then there are few loopholes. First thing is that the creators of free templates do not pay attention on minor details of the note which may lead to disapproval and you might find yourself in employment office the next day. The human resource personnel have a bird eye and can find even small mistake in your documents.

1Another thing is that these templates are very common as they are available freely and it is possible that your co-worker has already submitted same copy in the office. In that scenario both you and he will be in critical situation if get caught. To avoid such scenarios, one should not opt for free doctor excuse notes.

However if you get a paid sick note online, you can ensure that it will get accepted. Such notes are created carefully by keeping your requirements in mind. They are indistinguishable from real ones as they use same quality paper, real logos, doctor name and address etc. It is difficult for human resource workers of your office to find out whether it is a real one or fake. Thus it gets approved. Only negative point in this case is that it is not legal. But considering your emergency and need of leave, it is completely fine to use such fake doctor note templates once or twice.

The paid letters are carefully written to avoid grammar mistakes as well as they use authentic medical language to make the letter believable. Thus if you get a proper template for doctor note by paying small amount, it will work for sure. So, in future if you want to take a day of for unavoidable function at your home you can go on net and search for such templates and make use of them.

Go to fakedoctorsnoteforwork.com to print the best excuse you can use to leave work early.

Will Clinics Give You A Doctors Note For School?

If you are tired of your daily routine, and you want a break from it then the best way is to get a doctor’s note for school. This is one of the most used ways to skip school for few days and that is why you would easily be able to find the perfect note for yourself.

Which clinic to choose?

Till now most of you would be familiar with the medical clinics in your locality, but there is another kind of clinic which is present. They are called online clinics. You can either contact them or the physical clinics for the fake note job and they’ll be happy to help you.

Many schools have a system that if you are absent for more than a given number of days you will have to submit a doctor’s note for the same, but they fail to understand that there are plenty of other reasons too, when a student might take a leave except from being sick. You can acquire a note from a physical clinic or you can get it from an online clinic. To help you out, a few guidelines mentioned below would assist you in creating a fake but authentic note for yourself-


  • Name and address- When you are writing a doctor’s note then it is a must that you use realistic names, qualifications, address, contact details so that the reader does not doubt it even for a second.
  • Check your reason- Because you are a school student, you cannot get a report from a cancer doctor for a two day leave. So keeping in mind all these technicalities, select the disease or illness according to the number of days of absentee.
  • Check your source- Since you are getting the template from the internet it is necessary to check the source otherwise you may get cheated and there is no way you can recover from it.
  • Put in a watermark- To make the medical certificate look realistic, you can introduce a watermark in the backdrop and then get it printed on a high quality paper.

After understanding the intricacies, you can now form any kind of doctor’s note for school. You can easily get the note from a clinic or any online website. But there is one trick, if you are getting your note from a physical clinic. If you tell them the reason why you want a note, they will give it to you no doubt, but most probably on a cheap quality paper without much attention to the details. So, a better option would be to avail a website and get the desired medical certificate without any hassle, and that too it’s free of cost.

Finally you’ll have to decide which path to go down after weighing out the resources at hand and the technique you are more comfortable with. If you are getting a doctor note for the first time then the best way is that you check out both of them, so that there is no confusion left and for future use you will remember the perfect choice. Voila! Now you are all ready to bunk school with a doctor note in hand.

Write Down Your Questions for the Doctor before Your Appointment

In this fast moving world, time simply flies. Before you are aware of it, you have lost considerable amount of time just waiting for the right moment. And when, according to you, it has arrived, you forget to do some of the most important things, either out of anxiety or excitement. A doctor’s appointment is one such moment. One tends to forget vital issues you need to discuss at the time of the visit. It is advisable to make a list of all the things you need to ask your doctor at the time of the appointment.

You can start with writing down the problem you have. Little things that you experience during this period related or unrelated to your trouble, can help the doctor make a better diagnosis. At the time of the appointment, ensure that you right down the suggestions from the doctor. This makes it possible for you to review the discussion later. Also, if you feel the need of a second opinion, ask your doctor. He may be able to refer another expert too. Do not forget to read and collect information about your condition from various sources, like the internet or books. This will help in understanding the issues better and developing more relevant doctor questions. Last but not the least; keep all your previous medical records handy for review.

Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor

If you are visiting a physician, there are a few typical doctor questions that can be asked or discussed to ensure everything is going right. You may develop your own questions list depending on your illness. They can give you an idea, whether you need further check-ups or not. There are some common things you can ask about, like BMR and BMI, general health of the heart and other vital organs, oxygen saturation, cholesterol levels, etc. Apart from this you may discuss your eating pattern and routine, sleep timings and requirements and other issues related to daily life. Questions related to the illness should address all problems you are facing. The doctor may advice various tests to confirm his findings. You should make it a point to understand what are these test for and how much time will be required. If the doctor suggests medication or treatments, ensure that all the points about this are understood completely, to avoid confusion later.

If the visit is for a child, first and foremost discussion is about the growth of the child. You must understand if the growth is up to the mark or not, which is evident after the doctor has taken the weight and height. Each and every habit of the child must be brought to the notice of the doctor. Some things that seem normal to us may be major concern for the pediatrician.

Another significant practice you may be missing is routine check-ups. This is as important as seeing a doctor for an illness. It is advisable to make a lifetime schedule for such routine check-ups, with your doctor’s counsel. This must include the necessary test that are required at regular intervals to keep a check on and timely diagnosis of any disease or deformity.

How to Find a Good Cardiologist

A cardiac specialist is doctor who is trained in heart care and cardiac problems. Upon knowing that you need a cardiac specialist itself can shake you a little. You are now, dealing with an entirely new problem and a doctor. Mostly general physicians refer the specialists, saving a lot of trouble for their patient. But there may be many other reasons to look for a cardiologist. If you have name already, you can start your research by asking your friends, family, neighbors or colleagues, who can give reviews and suggestions. If you are starting from the scratch, then your friends can provide you with a few options. Once you know which doctor you would be seeing, the challenge is to decide whether he is good enough for you. There are some criteria on the basis of which you can judge the doctor in question and start the treatment with the one you like.

A Good Cardiologist

Location and availability are major factors that affect your choice. It would be definitely convenient to have your specialist easily accessible and available when you need them. The reputation of the hospital where they practice is also important. Information about this can be collected from friends and people living close to the hospital.

Credentials of the doctor are important with respect to your requirement. Sometimes, your condition may need some super-speciality, the certification for which may be available only with a few cardiologists. Such information is available with the hospital, or can be obtained directly from the doctor. Apart from this, what makes a good doctor is their experience. Diagnosis of the real problem, complex procedures, the right treatment, use of certain technology, etc. expect a certain amount of knowledge and practice that come from years of experience.

4Women respond differently to heart problems than men. This is an emerging field of research and thus, it may be beneficial to understand which gender your doctor is trained in. You should prefer a specialist who is updated with information regarding this new research.

Last but not the least; communication is the most important attribute that makes a good doctor. You should be able to develop a rapport with your doctor in the first few visits itself. Trust and faith develop with a good communication. If you can talk your heart out to your specialist, what will stop them from treating it?

During the Visit

A good cardiologist should be able to guide you to lead a healthy and trouble free life. During your visits to the doctor should ensure that you understand your risks and problems. You may be new to this heart condition and may have a lot of questions regarding this disease. The doctor is the best person to answer all your queries and advice you about the lifestyle changes required for a healthy future. Make a point to talk to them about all your fears and doubts. Before the meeting, make a list of the things you want to discuss, like family history, potential risk, symptoms of trouble, frequency of check-ups, diagnosis and examination procedures, possible treatment options, etc.

Knowledge of your heart problem itself can give you a lot of anxiety. This makes the necessity of a good specialist even more crucial. All measures must be taken for the selection before settling down with the most suitable doctor.

Don’t Make Stupid Mistakes When You Call In Sick

Regular routine of going to office on time and back leads to a monotonous cycle and at times it gets frustrating. In such cases, you generally call in and inform the authorities that you are not feeling well and would like to take a sick leave.

In order to make the authorities believe that you are actually sick and not faking it, you must be very careful with your act and reasoning. When you are lying, you generally end up making a mistake or two, which makes your lie clear. So there are few points you must avoid when you are taking a leave unnecessarily.

Common mistakes made by people

Few of the common mistakes people generally end up making which must be avoided are-


  1. Calling in sick on an important day- A busy day or when an important meeting is to be held are some of the days when you should be careful when taking a day off. Make sure you pre-plan that your “sick-day” doesn’t coincide with an important day.
  1. Know your illness- Make sure you know about the illness you choose as an excuse. A migraine or a cold are some among the easy excuses. Don’t pick something that is hugely complicated to describe. You will only get yourself in trouble explaining it.
  1. Choose smartly- Do not pick an illness that takes days to recover. If you call in sick of “food poisoning” on a Tuesday and show up perfectly fine the next day, you might get in trouble.
  1. Do not be overly obvious about your sickness- If you overdo something, your coworkers or your boss may smell something fishy. Keep your act subtle. If someone asks you how you are when you cough, tell them “I’m fine, really” or “I’m just a little tired today”

Don’t jump in on those party invitations/lunches/happy hours. Turn down the invite and simply mention that you are not feeling up to it. This will make sure that your coworkers believe that there might in fact be something wrong with you physically.

General Guidelines to keep in mind

Act a little sick the day before. Cough once in a while, or mention casually at lunch that you don’t have an appetite. If you instead work harder than ever one day and call in sick the next, suspicion may arise.

  • Common acts of sickness include having a headache. Holding your hands to your head will always help, regardless of what you say your sickness is. Coughing/sneezing once in a while and/or holding your hand to your stomach like it hurts can make your performance stand out a bit.

Rehearse conversations you might have with other people. Knowing your disease inside out can help you with this. You wouldn’t want to go stuttering when someone asks you “Is that really common this time of the year?”

If you are really serious about making this a serious issue, make sure you write down important aspects about the disease/the medicine you are supposed to be taking. As always, do not out perform yourself. You don’t want someone telling you “Wow. You almost sound like a doctor”. If you do it correctly, then you can easily cover up for your fake sick leave without ever being caught or arising suspicion.